Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Top Ten of Wesley

Ten things you will love about John Wesley
1. He had an egalitarian spirit – at least some times. Men and women were created equally in the image of God, This is seen in is notes on the Old Testament and is important to the understanding of women in the ministry. The Christian faith transcends tribalism and race. The Christian faith is a universal faith.
2. He was a true contemplative. Wesley was ever trying to win an insight…perceive the presence of God in te mundane activities of life. (read the Practice of the Presence of God – Bro. Lawrence and read Jeremy Taylor)
3. He loved the poor and was generous. He urged his ministers to be among the poor so tat the bonds of love and compassion would arise.
4. He affirmed the reality of spirit and placed a great emphasis of the Holy Spirit. This included the idea of assurance that we are the children of God.
5. He rejected “cheap grace.” He was hard on those ministers who simply polished the chains of sin. The minister should bring a message of liberty…real liberty. He stressed the forgiveness of sins and the transformation of nature (part of the new birth)…justification and the beginning of sanctification.
6. He spoke plain truth for plain people. He spoke and wrote to be understood. He wanted to earnestly communicate the good news
7. He was diligent in spreading the gospel. He had a remarkable record of activity. He did not want his marriage to interfere with his ministry.
8. He was a sensitive man. Wesley understood that the worship of God entails the heart and mind. Te heart is composed of many dispensations…various things the heart loves.
9. He was socially and politically concerned. He believed that the rich were fleecing the poor by their excess consumption. (“The use of money”) One should gain all one can, save all one can, and give all you can. If the Methodists became rich, they would have the form of religion but lack the power.He loved God with all his heart.
10. He never professed sanctification even on his death bed (March 1791). He was likely pure of heart by this time. Wesley was a saint and a prophet (a prophet speaks plain truth to plain people).

Just thought you would like to know! I think that more pastors need to understand most of these!!!

Where Is Jesus?

Since my return from the Walk to Emmaus, I have been pondering the question...where is Jesus? My thoughts are on the state of our economy, the pending election and the deteriorating state of the church. Where can one find Jesus in the midst of all of this?

It is painfully obvious to me that many men and women have become afraid of speaking the name of Jesus and some even find it offensive! I was speaking with a friend wo told me that his mentor said that he used the word...JESUS...too much and it might be seen as offensive. OFFENSIVE! The only people who might find the name of Jesus offensive are those who do not know Him, refuse to know Him, or do not love Him.

What is sad is that this person is supposed to be a "guardian" of the church. It seems to me that Satan as gained more than a foothold in the church..sometimes I wonder if we invite him in! We invite him in when we surrender to the ways and words of the world. Some of these things are political correctness, making people feel good, and refusing to speak truth no matter what.

I refuse to not speak the truth...and political corectness as no place in my vocabulary. SIN is SIN, and if we choose not to point out to our brothers and sisters where they are falling, we are helping them to pave their road to hell! We need men and women to stand up...put on the armor of Christianity, and FIGHT for the truth. We must make a stand...for if we do not stand for something, we will fall for anything. God help us...we have begun to slip and will fall if we don't fix our eyes on Jesus...if we can find Him?!