Monday, July 28, 2008

Up On The Roof

For the last several days, I have been living in the constant fear that one of the line backer roofers working on my house is going to fall through my roof and right into my office. All I have heard for the last few days has been BANG CRASH THUMP THUMP CRACK BANG! Just now, I am hearing it and praying that they stay up on the roof and do not decide to visit me in my office.

It also amazes me that a job that should have taken them a week has now entered its second week. Everytime there is a small little cloud in the sky, they tuck tail and leave...sometimes they put a tarp on my roof and sometimes they do not! Last Tuesday, it began to rain from all of my light fixtures because these PROFESSIONAL roofers decided that they were in too big a rush to do anyhting about covering the giant hole in my roof! Needless to say, without the quick action of my cousin, I would have been building an ark!!!

I am just a bit ticked and will continue to pray that they remain up on the roof and will get the job done ASAP!!!