Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 93 - God is Good!

It is hard to believe that I started this blog last Friday! Where does the time go?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to share with some inner city students. I told them about my calling to Prague and shared my testimony. It was a great time and God was faithful to the prayeers lifted on my behalf. One of the kids, who had been a bit of a pain in the beginning, came up to me and with all sincerity said, "THANK YOU!" I know that it was good for these students to see that others have faced struggles, but that with God's help, they have overcome. This is the lesson I took away allow my life to not only speak of God's amazing love, but to also allow it to be a living sermon to His strength and ability and not my own.

I cannot wait til I graduate...21 years of education, and I am considering getting my Ed.D. Am I crazy?! I know that God has used these 21 years to form me and prepare me for His Kingdom work in Prague! Speaking of graduation, you are invited to my Opeen House/Going Away Party on May 22nd at 6:00pm at Christ UMC in Lexington. Don't worry, I will still be around some this summer!!! And if anyone is looking for a gift (hint hint!), I have always wanted and AKC, OESCA certified Old English Sheepdog! Just a thought!!!

Well..I have lots to do before small group tonight! God bless you!

Lord, I bend my knee to you today. Make me a vessel of your hope and love, and may my life bring glory to your name! AMEEN!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 94 - VIDEO

Day 94 - A Word from God

So day 94 begins with me still amazed by what God did last night!

Last night in my Spiritual Warfare class, I was feeling so discouraged about support raising. I know that God is providing, but there are moments when it seems so far from done. At any rate, the professor said that we should pray for a word from the Lord, that perhaps someone was in need of encouragement. I prayed, as he prayeed, for that word of encouragement...pleading with the Lord for just a word. Then, 20 minutes before class was over, my phone went off with an email from TeachBeyond (my sending agency). It was the weekly newsletter from Mike Koerber. At the top of it in BOLD type were these words, "And my God will supply all your needs through His riches in Christ" (Philippians 4:19). Once I read these words, I began to weep with the peace of God covering me. While I am still deeply motivated to raise support, I was reminded who is in charge of this support-raising campaign...Jehovah Jirah (God the Provider).

Let me encourage you to ask God for a word of joy, peace, encouragement, help, and or love. He is faithful!

Lord, I thank you for your provision! Help me to hold fast to You and Your Word this day and always! AMEN.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 95 - Random Wisdom

95 days and holding steady! This morning, I awoke refreshed with a sense of the Holy Spirit about me. I had a great day yesterday eating and fellowshipping with friends. There are days I worry about fundraising, but then I am reminded by God that it is in His hands. (I do want to take this opportunity to ask you to pray about how you might partner with me in ministry in Prague.)

In the past 12 hours, I have used the phrase "been there done that" at least 3 times, so I thought it would be fun to share some random wisdom from my years of experience. By no means is this the full extent of my wisdom, but it is some of the funny and helpful stuff...

1. Pizza cutters DO burn in the oven. Not only do they burn, they stink when they do! (Thanks Josh and Murray for this one!)

2. When the weatherman says there is a frost warning, it probably means it will be COLD outside. (DUH!)

3. Naps are a gift from God...DON'T waste them!

4. When in a foreign country, just eat the food...don't ask, "EW gross, what is that!" (see the blogs from January 2007).

5. Walk softly and carry a big stick. I used mine to defend myself from two Great Danes barreling down on me last year!

6. Even though you have the right of way, watch out for the driver on the cell phone! This one goes out to former mayor Pam...and her Lexus!

7. Live life to the fullest! Experience as much as you can and make lots of memories!

8. Laugh at yourself! (I do this one well because I give myself so many opportunities to practice it!) We all do silly things...LAUGH!

9. LOVE! Life is to short to be angry or bitter. This is one that I learn over andd over. In the end though, love is far greater and stronger than anger, hurt, pain, and bitterness! LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!

10. Keep Jesus close! He so wants to be the center of all you do and will give you all the goodness of God. He loves you far more than you know and desires a relationship with you! CLING TO HIM!

Well, it is time for me to begin my 95th day!

Lord, I praise your Name for You are good. Your love endures forever! May your wisdom be ever in my my heart and mind! AMEN!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 96 = Top 10 Memories of Asbury College

So here I sit at Solomon's Porch: a place that has become like my second home while here at seminary. I was reminded this mmorning of the fact that I only have two more Tuesdays to come and visit here before I graduate. With this in mind, I have decided to share a couple of my most cherished memories from my time here in the Lexington-Wilmore metro area..HAHA!

10. Learning that coffeemate is indeed flamable! We had many times to perfect this, and perfect it we did. Once, while "experimenting", we got a flame that went higher than the roof of our dorm. People saw it on the other side. IMPRESSIVE

9. Charlie doing a belly dance in Hughes Auditoriam. As scary as this one sounds, it was very funny! It was during the Talent Show. Charlie was dressed in his finest...t-shirt with a fish and flag on it and camo suspenders. He was styling! He was the back-up dancer (look out Arthur Murray) for the group which sang "Man of Constant Sorrow" (insert your own inference). During his dancing, a lady leaned over to me and whispered..."look at his belly is really going!" Need I say more!

8. Rafting down the Galley. I had the opportunity to raft down the Galley River with my roommate freshman year. This was an amazing experience of which I lived to tell!

7. Learning to shoot a bow and aarow. Like me, you may be wondering what business a blind person has with a weapon? Well one of my friends was determined to teach me to shoot. I did well, though I would not say that I have mastered the art!

6. Cheesecake with Karen Begley. Karen would have some of us over to her house to test her new cheesecake recipes. Let me just say, she should go into the cheesecake business! (Karen if you are reading this, you should come to Lex before I go to Prague...and bring your springform pans!)

5. My first trip to Meijer. This one is quite funny! My family (Stan and Marna Wiggam) took me out for dinner in Lexington toward the end of my freshman year. They needed to stop at Miejer and I had never been of course, I went exploring. I went to the watch counter in the jewelry department. There, I looked at some watches which I had to bend over to see. I stood up and took a step back, and found myself facing the ceiling. You see, a man of Asian descent dressed in a bright green track suit had knelt down behind me to look at watches. I had no idea! I scared the life out of him and now have a nercous twitch that comes when I see Meijer!!!

4. The Office. We had a movie night in Charlie's room. On this particular night, he excused himself to go to the restroom. The movie ended, and the lights came on, and Charlie was nowhere to be found. We opened the door to hear a faint sound of snoring! The bathroom door was propped open and the sound was coming from in there. Charlie was asleep in his Office...he had been there for more than an hour!

3. Charlie's car door. Charlie had a 1981 Ford crown was one sweet boat, I mean car! We had gone to get gas at the Kroger in Nicholasville. As Charlie got back in the car from pumping the gas, the door hinge came loose and the door began to come off. All of this happened with a huge line of people waiting impatiently. It took Charlie a minute to realize what had happened, and from that point on, he could not use that door.

2. Dinner with the Moultons. The Moulton family and I grew close during my four years at the college. Many times after church, they would have me over for lunch. Nothing is better than a home-cooked meal and wonderful company. They are sweet friends who make life better for all they know!

1. Triple D and the Boyz. My freshman year at Asbury College (now University), I began singing in the Glee Club. Dr. Donald Don Donaldson (no joke) was our director. People said we looked alike cause we had the same white hair. During spring break, we toured through the south. It was during this tour that I was made older. While at a stop at the Wendy's somewhere in TN, Dr. D ordered a senior coffee. I was in line behind him and was offered the same senior coffee (mind you I was 18 at the time)! Needless to say that joke has lived on from that day to this.

These memories are not the only ones I have, I have so many and will share others as I go along these days. Hope these made you laugh, and think. Most of all, I hope it encouages you to make and record memories of your own!

Lord, thank you for all the many good times I have enjoyed! You have blessed me with friends and experiences which have touched me and shaped my life. May I always look back with fondness to the blessings I have experienced, and may I continue to make many memories! AMEN!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Are You there? - 97

Sunday was a magnificent day...I spent time in worship with my friend Chance. This morning is also glorious because I can get some work done now that my low-grade migrane, which I have hadd since Friday, is gone!

The day is coming when I will no longer live in Lexington...the "FOR RENT" sign has appeared in my yard. I made the comment to Chance that, "It's's becoming real!" I have lived here for 6 years...that is quite a long time. I am not get me wrong. I am just reflective as this part of my life comes to an end.

Today is also exciting because the embassy should not have posession of my work visa documents! I hope that that process goes well...please be in prayer about that over the coming days and weeks! As I begin this week, the loose ends of school and the task of raising support are the thrust of my efforts. I graduate on May 22nd. If you would like to help me celebrate, contact me...or if you would like to help support me as me...OR if you are reading these posts...let me know! :-)

As I begin day 97, I am thankful! I am thankful for friends, for family, for the love of God and for the opportunities which this day holds. I pray that your day be filled with a sense of this thankfulness! God bless you all!

God, I thank you for every opportunity I have! I pray that I would not take any of them for granted. Help me to give thanks in all things! AMEN!

(This may seem less profound...I am trying to use some variety...we shall see what the coming day hold!)

Sunday, April 25, 2010



This is a test of the Ben Bowman Photo Uploading Ability...Hahaha

You Are Mine - 98

It is Sunday...the Lord's day! I am so excited about worship this morning...a friend of mine is coming to church with me! It is going to be a great day!

This morning, I woke up with the worrds of Isaiah 43:1 in my heart..."You are mine!" This is both comforting and humbling. It is comforting to know that I belong to God. No matter what this world says or matter what hurts or pains I may matter where I am in this world, I belong to God! My family taught this to me from the time I was a young boy, but it took some time for me to come to understand what this truth meant. I am a child of God who has been fearfully and wonderfully made in His image, and I am a citizen of Heaveen. This is also humbling because I am a can I be worthy of being posessed by God? This too is something that has taken tiome for me to understand. Out of the rich love of God, Christ came to the cross and diedd for me to make me make me His!

As my deeparture for Prague draws ever closer, I cling to those words. My friend Nicholas said to me the other day thatit was alright for me to be so emotional because I was leaving my family, my friends, everything I have known for almost three decades. While there are days I grieve this thought, I still remember that I am never alone. I am a part of the family of God...a family which spans borders and languages. I am His!

Are you His? Do feel those words of comfort rush through you? Trust me, there is nothing more comforting than to know you belong to God!

Father, I praise you for your mighty acts in creation and in my life! Help me to cling to being yours above all else...hold me in the palm of your hand. AMEN!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

99 - double digits

Yesterday was a milestone day for me! Not only was it the 100 day marker, but it was also the day all of my visa paperwork went to the Czech Embassy in D.C. WHEW...what a relief! This may seem a bit over-the-top, but that process was scary and nerve-wracking. As my mom said, it is in God's is His will that I serve and He will take care of all the little details. (THANKS MOM!!!)

This is a weekend that I have been looking forward to for quite some time now. I got to hang out with my friend Rebekah (the best seeing eye friend in the world!) and tomorrow I get to spend some time with one of my boys...all my boys are special, and I look forward to spending time with each one of them. Homework seems to be under control, and the weekend will be a relaxing and memorable one.

The last few days, God has been speaking to me about love. In John 21:15-17, I hear God reminding me of my call...a call to love Him. As the day for departure approaches, I hope and pray that my love for God will increase and grow deep because it will be that love which sustains all else I ddo. Something that strikes me as interesting is that the Great Commandment (to love) appears chronologically before the Great Commission (to go). This is something we all need to be aware of...that without a love relationship with God, all our efforts are for not. This scripture is so special to me because it exemplifies the way God called me. You see, God called me with love to Himself. He reminded me of the great love He had for me and grew me in love to the point of my calling into ministry..."Feed My Sheep!"

As I sit here, on day 99, I am in deep prayer that I have been faithful to this is a humble and awe-filled call, and I have approached it in a like manner. I am not perfect...and I pray that God sanctifies all my imperfections and makes me perfect in love. It is my earnest desire to be an ambassador of love! So let me say, "I LOVE YOU!" Whether I have known you for a day, a month, a year, or years...I love you so much! This may be hard to understand, but it is out of the abundant love of God from which this love flows. Over the next 99 days, I hope that we may fellowship in this love. I always remember, God loves you and so do I!

Lord, on this the 99th day, may I be an ambassador of your love! Help me to always seek your will and share your love. O Heavenly Father, thank you for your almighty and everlasting love! Keep me bound by thy love and may we all come to know your love for us! AMEN!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wayne Watson - For Such A Time As This

The Last 100 days

100 day til Prague!

It is hard to believe that I am at the 100 day mark before leaving to serve my Heavenly Father as a missionary in Prague. 100 days left...typically we use this designation to measure the effectiveness of a president or political leader. In these 100 days, it is my earnest prayer that God will continue to use me for the effective proclamation of His love and glory to all those I know. It is also my prayer that, in these 100 days, God will prepare me to meet the task of making disciples in Prague.

It is so hard to believe that time has flown so quickly. It seems like yesterday that I got the phone call from Juli (Teachbeyond) in November and then the email from Melodee (CISP) informing me of the marvelous opportunity God had prepared for me. As I sit here this morning, I am trimbling at the thought of the speed of time. I am thinking about how, over the course of time, God has brought me to this point...from thinking I would be a lawyer to training to be a teacher to mentoring young men to preaching and training to be a pastor and finally seeing how all of these pieces fit together in God's plan to bring me to the point of being willing to serve overseas.

Amidst all the paperwork, visa hoops, packing support envelops, I have seen the Hand of God at the kind words of friends (even when I may not seem so sane because of emotions), the help from love ones, the support from my boys, the love of my family, and all the understanding during these busy and emotional times. I am excited to be in the midst of God's plan, but I am also spending a lot of time reflecting on what God has done and what each person I know means to me. I love the time I have spent, and will spend, with each of you and look forward to growing together whether near or far (in physical distance terms).

Time is precious; this is something we all must learn. And God's time is much more is something I do not quite understand. But I do know these 100 days, I will approach things with the words of Ester 4:14b in my heart..."And who knows but that you have come to (this) position for such a time as this?" (my interpretation). There is a song which sums up what I am trying to are the lyrics.
Now, all I have is nowTo be faithfulTo be holyAnd to shineLighting up the darknessRight now, I really have no choiceBut to voice the truth to the nationsA generation looking for GodChorusFor such a time as thisI was placed upon the earthTo hear the voice of God And do His willWhatever it isFor such a time as thisFor now and all the days He givesI am here, I am hereAnd I am HisFor such a time as thisYou - Do you ever wonder whySeems like the grass is always greenerUnder everybody else's skyBut right here, right here for this time and placeYou can live a mirror of His mercyA forgiven image of graceRepeat ChorusCan't change what's happened till nowBut we can change what will beBy living in holinessThat the world will see JesusRepeat Chorus
(video of song posted)
Lord, may I be faithful in these 100 days! May all I say and do bring glory to you. May I not take for granted the blessings of friends, family, and time! Prepare me to be the best for you and your service! All glory belongs to you! AMEN!